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DIWUG SharePoint e-Magazines

In this edition:

Download the 13th edition of the free DIWUG SharePoint eMagazine here now!

  • Implementing eDiscovery in SharePoint 2013 - Maarten Eekels
  • Migrating Term Sets - Octavie van Haaften
  • Implementing Kerberos delegation in SharePoint - Jasper Siegmund
  • State of SharePoint Statistics - Margriet Bruggeman & Nikander Bruggeman 
  • How to organize meetings in SharePoint 2013 - Frank op 't Land
  • MCMS2002 Migration to a SP 2013 metadata driven environment - Vincent Verbeek
  • Using ASP.Net SignalR within your SharePoint apps - Bas Lijten
  • User generated metadata - Albert Hoitingh
  • SharePoint 2013 and Enterprise Search - Jaap Zwart
  • Creating a reusable cross site collection navigation in SharePoint - Redu Tur
The DIWUG SharePoint eMagazine is a free downloadable magazine with articles written by MCMs, MVPs and other authors from the SharePoint community. The target audiences are IT-pros, developers and end (power) users. All articles are written in English.


If you want to contribute to the DIWUG SharePoint eMagazine please send an abstract of your article to or and we'll send you more information.​

Download DIWUG SharePoint eMagazine #13 (eReader Edition)
Download DIWUG SharePoint eMagazine #13