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DIWUG event VX Company - Baarn
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Dutch Information Worker User Group

​DIWUG Event dinsdag 13 december bij VX Company in Baarn

Weet jij het soms ook niet meer... Teams, Groups, Planner, Yammer, teamsites. Wat gebruik je nu waarvoor?! Wat is er nu goed aan, wat werkt minder en wat werkt er niet. Met andere woorden The Good, The Bad and The Ugly! Niemand minder dan het trio Jasper Oosterveld, Albert-Jan Schot en Stephan van der Knijff gaan hier een hele avond mee vullen!
Dit is een DIWUG event wat je weer niet mag missen! Tot dinsdag 13 december!
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De sponsor van deze avond is VX Company
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18th DIWUG SharePoint eMagazine published!

Magazine number 18! And this magazine is somewhat special. In this magazine you will find only one advertisement. It’s from Avanade, who has been our sponsor from the beginning of the printed version of this magazine as they we’re so kind to cover the printing costs. Together with other sponsors we we’re able to design, publish and deliver this magazine twice – three times a year.

For this edition DIWUG is paying for the costs for publishing this edition. Of course, this is something we can’t do too many times. Please contact us if you or your company is interested in sponsoring this magazine and we will send you more information on pricing and publishing details. We would like to continue! But we can’t without the sponsors and of course the authors!

Back to the Magazine, we have a great article line-up again. We always try to get a good mix of end user/business, developer, architectural/IT Pro articles. You can download the latest edition of the free DIWUG SharePoint eMagazine, as well as all previous versions here.

The DIWUG SharePoint eMagazine gets published 2 or 3 times a year. Every magazine contains a good mix of articles for developers, IT-pro's and end/power users. Visit our eMagazine page and download your free copy now!

If you feel like writing an article for the DIWUG eMagazine, whether you would like to write about a Development, IT Pro, or power, business or end user topic, don't hesitate to contact us. We are always looking for content. The article deadline of the next eMagazine is April 1st 2017.​​​​