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DIWUG event Avanade - Almere
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Dutch Information Worker User Group

​DIWUG Event donderdag 27 oktober, gesponsord door Avanade

De periode van conferenties en events is weer aangebroken! De Microsoft TechDays 2016 was een groot succes en ook Ignite stond weer bol van nieuwe wetenswaardigheden! En we hebben nog zoveel meer in het verschiet. Denk maar aan Unity Connect in Haarlem op 16-18 november (vergeet niet de DIWUG korting van 25% met de code DIWUG25).
En natuurlijk blijven wij als DIWUG ook niet stil zitten. Ook voor deze maand is het ons weer gelukt om een leuke avond voor je te organiseren. Anco vertelt wat er op de planning staat aan nieuwe features voor de Azure AD B2B. Clemens komt 's ochtends vanuit Zweden naar Almere om ons te laten zien hoe je in Visual Studio Team Service de Continues Integration and Deployment Pipeline inricht. Twee sessie die je niet mag of wilt missen!! Tot donderdag 27 oktober!

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De sponsor van deze avond is Avanade.

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17th DIWUG SharePoint eMagazine published!

This year we celebrate our 10 anniversary! 10 years ago Mart Muller had an idea to share knowledge about his work with other SharePoint developers. He arranged a room at the Microsoft Innovation Center in Baarn and emailed all developers in his network. He gave a session (and I have to admit, I can’t remember the subject) and after this session he asked if there were others who would like to help him set up the DIWUG. I volunteered immediately.

Starting the DIWUG wasn’t easy. Finding speakers and sponsors was hard and our network was still small. And we didn’t have a real plan. We started organizing an event when we had the time. After 6 months Mirjam van Olst joined our team. And we decided that we would organize events more frequently. DIWUG was voluntary but not optional! Every month we tried to organize an evening for the community with different audiences - developers, end users or IT-pros. As we organize events more frequently our community started to grow. Working together with the Dutch Software Development Network gave us insight on how to expand our community even further by not only organizing events but also publishing a magazine. The DIWUG SharePoint Magazine was born!

Next step was organizing a SharePoint Saturday! Together with the Office365 User Group, this year we have the 6th SPS in the Netherlands with approximately 300 delegates and international speakers.

Last year Maarten Eekels joined our team, and he has been a great help, since we still do this next to our daily job!

Now every year we organize 9 DIWUG events, 1 SharePoint Saturday and publish 3 to 4 magazines for our 1500 members.

We like to thank all of our loyal members, speakers, writers and our sponsors who made it possible to do this for over 10 years! It has been a real joy and we’re looking forward to the next decade!

You can download the latest edition of the free DIWUG SharePoint eMagazine, as well as all previous versions here.

The DIWUG SharePoint eMagazine gets published 2 or 3 times a year. Every magazine contains a good mix of articles for developers, IT-pro's and end/power users. Visit our eMagazine page and download your free copy now!
If you feel like writing an article for the DIWUG eMagazine, whether you would like to write about a Development, IT Pro, or power, business or end user topic, don't hesitate to contact us. We are always looking for content. The article deadline of the next eMagazine is October 1st 2016.​​​​